The Mark of a Pennant Winner: A Logo for the 2015 NL Champion New York Mets — 7 Comments

  1. As a Mets fan and a “professional creative,” thanks for the great post. Would love to see some more of the preliminary sketches if you’re allowed to share.

    Obviously the logistics and timeframe were a major factor, I’m also curious about what you found to be the the biggest sticking point design-wise: MLB restrictions? Mets imagery? Logo-shape? Fonts?


    • Thanks, Ben. The biggest potential hurdles involved MLB’s World Series branding. It was essential that we not conflict with any of the elements that they were rolling out there, including everything you mentioned.

    • Thanks, Brian! A fun young team with a bright future, always good to hear from optimistic Mets fans, sometimes a rare commodity.

  2. Thanks for sharing the process, Todd. As a fellow designer with heavy sports leanings, I hope to get to work on projects like this one day.

  3. Love it! Mets fan and SVA grad. Congrats and LETS GO METS. Back in the day when I was listening to games on my radio in the old workshop on 23 street, I used to joke that Mets was a typeface…not many cared about sports in that room

    • Hi Rena-Pretty sure our paths last crossed a few years ago during the Wilde Years exhibition at SVA. The workshop! An experience so far removed from how we design today, practically unrecognizable. Hope all is well by you, thanks for checking in-TR

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