In 1939, Every MLB Team Wore This Logo — 1 Comment

  1. The first item up for consideration was the creation of an emblem. In the summer of 1938 Marjori Bennet, a young artist from New York City, won a contest for the design of the emblem. Her design featured a background of four red stripes representing balls, and three white stripes representing strikes. Overlaying the stripes was a baseball diamond. A batter at the end of his swing was in the center. The dates “1839-1939” were written on the top and “baseball Centennial” was written on the bottom of the design. The Commission approved the design at its fall meeting and agreed to unveil it at the winter meeting in New Orleans that December.

    Miss Bennet’s emblem contained one major flaw: her batter depicted Joe DiMaggio. Major League Baseball objected to the singling out of one player and the original design was altered by inserting a caricature of a batter. The altered design was accepted and uniform patches were manufactured for professional baseball.

    Only 2 teams wore the Bennet design the Athletics and Baltimore Orioles they ordered spalding uniforms in January of 1939

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